Ealing Lawn Tennis Club’s renowned and dedicated coaching program has produced more county, regional and national players than any other club in the region. This success has culminated in the unrivalled production of performance players. We currently have over 22 players attending County, Regional and National squads. Ealing’s Team Tennis sets the benchmark for our competitors. This has been proven by recent results with the club currently crowned as Middlesex Champions in a number of age groups.


If you want to have fun and just run around the court then we are not for you on the other hand if you want to learn the best way possible then continue to read on. The club’s prestigious program aims to build future competitive players in a supportive and safe environment. We are dedicated to instil key values for our young players in a structured and professional manner. Experiencing quality mentoring at a young age is essential for developing future performance players.

Along with values, we begin by building a quality technical base before customising a game plan to carry out the technical shapes of our players. This coaching progression starts from our youngest age groups of five to six years of age.

Repetitive competition plays a significant role in our program. We try to replicate the intensity of match play in all of our coaching sessions and encourage our players to develop their own playing styles. This encouragement allows players to become self-dependent on the court which will be essential to their success.

The supportive atmosphere at the club also encourages all our players to work in unison for the betterment of personal, player and team development. These values are embodied by the Ealing and Middlesex badge which is worn wherever our players compete.   


Our Coaching methodology revolves around a game-based approach. We practice and compete with 100% commitment whilst demonstrating respect and sportsmanship to everyone involved.

Our philosophy embodies the influence sport and coaching can have on the development of our players’ character, discipline and mental fortitude. These are essential characteristics for building strong personalities on and off the court. Therefore, we constantly enquire and endeavour to learn more in the pursuit of setting the best guidelines and standards for others to pursue.

Furthermore, all our coaches strive to set players to a higher standard of professionalism whether that’s during competition or during their day-to-day lives. The coaches expect all our players to give their best at all times. Anything to the contrary will not be accepted by our committed team.


So, if any of the above is of interest to you, please get in touch and let the journey begin…    





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